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Take a look at the charm of Subang Regency, West Java with all its potential

The charm of the Subang regency of West Java has proven to be undoubtedly its beauty. The district located on Pasundan’s land is famous for  its extensive tea gardens that look so beautiful along the pantura trail. Naturally, many motorists passing on the path feel comfortable, so they do not feel tired, because they are content to see the natural panorama.

Geographically, the Subang region consists of three parts, namely south, central and north. Each region has different soil characteristics. The southern part is dominated by mountains or plateaus.   The central area is actually dominated by plains.   While north is a lowland or coast directly towards  the Java Sea.

With such a  diverse area, it also  affects the livelihoods of surrounding residents to the tourism potential. The population of Subang, according to the country in which they live, has livelihoods from farmers, industrial workers to fishermen. Along with the evolution of time, Subang West Java also has  interesting tourist destinations to visit and are quite complete.

Still, due to its natural geography, Subang is not surprising if it is dominated by nature tourism so fascinating with optimal management. So, every year, the increase in local and foreign tourist visits continues to grow. This potential continues to be developed so that Subang is increasingly known to a wide audience.

Subang’s favorite travel recommendations are suitable for filling the holiday season

Visiting Subang regency is not complete without visiting its attractions. Due to its natural conditions that are still natural, it is natural that Subang is dominated by many tourist destinations so enchanting. Besides  being beautiful,  it is also very comfortable plus the coolness of the surrounding atmosphere so that it is not suitable to be filler for your  weekend with your family.

Some of the favorite tourist attractions in Subang West Java are worth visiting, including the Ciater hot spring. Ciater hot spring  is the  most phenomenal tourist spot in Subang   and  has been visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. The hot spring of Tangkuban Perahu mountainis equipped witha large  bathing area.

In addition to Citer, there is also a crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. The mountain with its legendary history holds a million natural beauties like no other. The mountain with a height of up to 2084 meters above sea level provides a variety of facilities such as outbound areas, campsites, for homestays. It takes  about 41 minutes from the city center to get to the area.

Capolaga adventure camp is a   tourist attraction in Subang, West Java, no less challenging. The area located in the village of Cicadas Panarban offers the charm of the Cimuja River, where it is actually the result of a three-buah waterfall. In  this place , caves are also found for outgoing areas accompanied by the feeling of fun adventures.

The majestic waterfall in limestone takes 30 minutes from the city, a  tourist destination no less popular. In addition to having beautiful nature, there are many beliefs in the local community, including water, capable  of  healing a variety of skin sticks. Either way, the limestone’s large waterfall is suitable as a weekend trip destination with the family.

A variety of delicious subang specialties must be tried

Content to enjoy the coolness of nature, it’s not uncommon to  make your stomach rumble. No need to worry because there are so many typical West Javanese Subang culinary  accompanied by delicious flavors. Among them, pineapple fried rice is very popular. Subang is as  famous as a pineapple producer with a very sweet taste.

In addition to being consumed directly, it is also processed into a variety of culinary, one of which is fried rice. The combination of sweet, savory, fresh flavors is actually very suitable for shaking the tongue. Plus the spice mix feels so complete when it enters your mouth. The fried rice is the most hits, so many tourists do not miss tasting it.

If you want to taste fresh, soupy dishes, try fish soup. The soup with the basic ingredients of fresh ari fish combinedwith spices melimpãahis very good to enjoy while hot. Almost all restaurants offer this one menu. Guaranteed to make you dependent on the point that you will always try it continuously.

At first glance, the name is strange, but who would have thought that the taste is so delicious when tasted. For some people can be disgusted by rice field snails. But the West Javanese Subang people  actually like it and process it into delicious dishes. Along with hot rice, tutut soding can be eaten with the family.

Bubuy hayam is a must-try culinary when visiting Subang. The raw material food   for native chicken is cooked with spices for 7 hours. It is normal for the flavor to be so strong with tender meat. Bubuy hayam is actually a favorite food that can make you eat continuously.

Visit Subang, don’t forget to buy souvenirs at affordable prices

A holiday to Subang, West Java, is not complete if you don’t buy souvenirs. At least there are various souvenirs typical of Subang, of course, the price is relatively affordable. Among them, the dodol is actually typical of the Sundanese tribe. Unlike other regions, Subang dodol is made from pineapple. As is known, pineapple is a  rich fruit item  in Subang.

Still made from pineapple, in addition to the dodol, there are also chips. Pineapple type simadu is widely chosen as a raw material for the manufacture of chips. Unlike chips in general, the snack has a delicious taste, combining sweet and savory. Suitable to accompany you to relax. There is also pineapple chocolate as another variant as a snack.

The traditional snack glutinous rice ribbon can also be used as a souvenir when visiting Subang, West Java.   Snacks made from cassava and glutinous rice are usually wrapped in banana leaves. In addition to being delicious to eat directly, glutinous rice tape can also be mixed into dini n drinks.   It is guaranteed that you will become addicted when you first eat it.

Delipel is another typical Subang souvenir that is often hunted by tourists. Delipel actually stands for “Delicious Pineapplel”. The cakes are actually very tasty and savory. Moreover, the basic ingredient is a choice of pineapple through a long process. And you will only find delipel in Subang, so it must be tasted.

Eightan crispy fish is another typical Subang souvenir. Subang, in fact, is located  on the pantura route and has natural wealth in the form of beaches, it is natural that the fish caught are very abundant. One of the preparations is, of course, the eight crispy fish. There are at least four flavors, namely grill, cheese, balao and original.

Tips for a comfortable holiday to Subang Regency

The density of activities often makes the mind feel tired. Therefore, on weekends there is nothing wrong with filling it by taking a vacation to Subang, West Java.   However, if you are a beginner, there are some important tips to pay attention to. The main thing, of course, is to get to know the city in advance and support transportation.

Then make a simple schedule during your vacation to Subang. Do not  forget  to also determine  the tourist destinations that will be visited and lodging around the location. This is important so that you go directly to the place without confusion. Sometimesit is also a consideration when the budget is determined during the holidays.

The availability of funds is absolutely necessary. So that holiday funds do not swell, it is better to control the budget as needed. Make sure not to spend a budget outside the holiday fund. Also, do not carry too much money in your wallet. We recommend that you keep it in your account so that  the reserve funds can be easily taken at any time.

Do  not forget that after enjoying the holiday, buy fruit for the family at home. No need to worry, because almost all of Subang’s typical souvenirs are sold at affordable prices. Armed with this information, at least  the  plan to take a vacation to Subang, West Java, can later be an extraordinary experience.

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