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Procedures for making JNE complaints when there are issues with packages

In the field of shipping expeditions, JNE is one of the leading expansion companies in Indonesia. However,  it’s not uncommon for JNU to receive complaints. It’s quite reasonable that this shipping company is often believed to send goods through multiple parties.

Almost all e-commerce recommends JNE for travel services, which can be used. This is because this trip can trust the service provider and always prioritizes safety until the packages fall into the hands of customers.

THE JNE has been operating since 1990, one of the pt sitra van titipan kilat (TKI) divisions, at which time the company continued to grow. Apart from providing domestic courier services, it also provides courier services at the international level.

Innovation development will continue after discovery until the level of delivery covers the entire world and the whole of Indonesia. As THE development of JNE was so rapid, the company eventually broke away from TKI and managed all its business operations independently.

The service of this package delivery company is very good, so it was liked by many. Various warranties are offered as a guarantee for the safety of goods. Most of the users were satisfied, but there were also a small percentage who were not satisfied.

The reason is so common that it is a problem while delivering packages. The delivery time was too long or the package had no clear traces of its presence. However, in this case, the company does not escape responsibility. Because, there is a JNE complaint service where you can benefit when  there is a problem with the package.

Complaints over the phone

Filing a complaint through a telephone networkis the most common and most preferred way by QS Tomer because, users can get an immediate response when submitting complaints. In fact, they can get a solution to the package problem immediately.

Hence, there is no need to wait long for responses and solutions from the company. Unfortunately, JNU’s complaint over the phone  is not free.  You have to bear the cost of the phone while doing this. The following is the complaint lodged with JNU over the phone.

  1. Contact JNE Call Centre

The first step you need to do is to contact the JNE call centre at (021) 2927 8888. Wait a few moments until your phone is connected to the carrier that answers automatically.

  1. Properly press the intended extension number

While picking up your phone, the operator should specify a range ofextend numbers that are specific to the customer’s needs. Listen carefully to the extension number that handles the packet problem.

Because if you press the wrong extension number, then your  complaint will not be responded to.  You will be asked to repeat the call and call the correct officer.

  1. Raise your complaint

Once connected to the correct extension number, you’ll have an assistant to serve you and help solve your package problem.   Communicate all  your JNE complaints in a good language and manner so that the officer can understand them better.

JNE official email complaint

If you don’t want to express package issues directly through a telephone connection, the solution is to notify through the official email of JNU. The advantage of this method is that you can freely write all complaints and complaints in detail.

In addition, the  cost  of JNE complaints  via email is much cheaper than communicating over the phone because  , you only need an internet connection. However, the trip gives a slower response. However, they can help in solving your package issue.

You can send an email to address. As per our advice, if an issue related to your package is very urgent, it is advisable not to complain in this way.

Complaints on social media

One way to complain about your package issue is through JNE social media. This package delivery provider is one of the companies that has followed the development of the company’s period the most  and its presence on various social media platforms is a testimony to this.

This social media can also be used as a place to communicate  various JNE complaints from customers  . Perhaps, this shipping company responds quickly by commenting on posts or through live messages.

This  proves that the openness of JNE’s services is a way of protecting the trust of its service users and the customer.  You can contact this package delivery service company JNE (Facebook), JNE_ID (Twitter), and jne_id (Instagram).

Complaints were provided by Joni

In addition to the call centre telephone connection, JNE also offers a chat feature with a very fast response on its website page. This chat feature has been named AskZoni, a feature that is a  live chat service with customer service, which is provided to take care of all customer complaints.

When you open the AskZonie feature,  the system will ask you to fill in some personal data related to your package. Make sure that every data entered is correct and appropriate.

After that, the  server  will connect your request and  look for customer service that provides JNE complaints.  When contacting customer service via live chat, then  you can submit all complaints about package issues.

Customer service provides solutions to these problems directly at that time. You only need an internet connection to make complaints in this way.  The RSPAN given by e-mail is also very fast.

Types of frequently submitted complaints

Every customer’s complaints are definitely different, with JNU being the largest shipping company in this country. Hence, various types of complaints have been received from different parties through various media.

From many complaints, the gist of each can be made into several groups as follows.

  1. Package delay

Package delays are very often a problem. The factors that affect the delay in this package are congestion, damage to the trip car while sending the package, road damage or many more unforeseen things.

  1. Send Wrong

Wrongly sent packages are certainly generic, what else should be done if the address is unclear and similar to someone else’s address. Even if the package is opposed, it can be very life-threatening if it turns out that the package cannot be taken back from the original recipient.

  1. Lost packages

Lost packages are often caused by staying away or leaving them in other JNE posts. Especially when the number of goods sent is high, it is not uncommon for some people to escape data collection. This will certainly  lead to an increase in JNU complaints.

  1. Broken package

The damage to goods transported using travel services is really very harmful. This is because in the process of transporting and dispatching goods, they accumulate in heaps, are thrown away, and can spoil things.

Therefore, JNE provides a warranty for damage to the goods.  You can also increase security in shipping by using certain services. For example, for electronic goods that are likely to be damaged.

  1. Unsatisfactory Service

One of the most unsatisfactory service that most customers complain to the shipping company. Because not everyone is certainly happy when they serve them in a beautiful way or when they appear disrespectful.

JNE complaints are the right of every customer  as it is not only for the good of the customers but also for the good of JNE to improve its quality in the field of adventure.

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