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The Latest Guide to Paying Online Motorcycle Tax in West Java 2021

Bayar motorcycle tax online West Java and all parts of Indonesianowadays bisa is done online or online without face to face. It may happen that there is already an online Samsat site that allowsyou to makequick payments. Not only is it fast because actually it’s easy and practical.

However, the availability is still not uniform. There are areas that have already provided it and have not provided it. But in the era of 4.0, we believe that everything will be processed faster, so people will not have to come to the Samsat office again to make tax payments regularly. The burden of time and costs can be reduced.

For the process of doingnyes, it must start with the download of the SON application or the national online Samsat. Thenyou can make payments online with the procedures in place. This way, people can save more time and costs, especially during a pandemic like today.

This breakthrough certainly makes it easier forthose of youwho don’t want to lose the official approach to driving. In Indonesia or any country. Driving without documentswill be charged for violating the rules. Moreover, the owner of the motorcycle does not make compliance with the tax, thereby making it a sweater without an official letter.

JiKa until caught during the raid, Familik was forced to fend offa motorcycle or vehiclenya diderek to the nearest office. To address this again, you will definitely be charged a large fine for not being disciplined and beinga taxpayer. The owner also has to pay arrears so it must be expensive. So implement the processof paying motorcycle tax online in West Java.

Download the national or regional online application Samsat

First, the guide to do is to download or download the app. This application must be from the correct source. So at the time of entering the game store or app stores. Enter the right keywords so you don’t make a mistake. To make it easier for you, check your users’ recommendations. Minimum use of the application with a value of 4.

Click on the installation and then the whole download process will finish by itself. Apply on Android and iOS tanpa need installation. JaDee does not have to worry anymore if this happens and cannot shake unknown applications. However, ifthis happens, youcan enter the privacy settings menu to configure it.

Wait for the installation to complete so you canpay tax on a motorcycle online in West Java, Central Java and all parts of Indonesia. When an installation error occurs, try removing it first. Then reinstall it so that it can be used afterwards. Usually it happens that the cor r upt fileon the installation of the system is not quite right.

Take it easyto sizenyes not too big. This is only a few MB because it seems very simple. The purpose of this simple appearance is so that new users do not get confused. For the available menu there is registration, payment code, payment, proof of payment, ranmor information, location, directory, and exit the system for sure.

National and regional online SMSAT registration procedure

This registration procedure is actually almost the same as in other online systems. Indeed, it should be so because the processof paying the motorcycle tax online in West Javaand throughout Indonesiais carried out online. The initial roses must be entered in the registration menu. Fill in all personal data, yesn gis required according to valid data.

Starting with the police number, ID number, frame number, personal contact number and email of course. Nowadays email becomes important to deliver. Youcan do it from Google, Yahoo, Rocket, Bing, and so on. However, for the best option is Google because it is easy. Its fast roses certainly make it easier.

Then click the Next or Next button. After that there will be a display of the registrant’s data and a payment code. The code can be used to pay. Bisais done online using many options. Banks are the most important, especially ATMs. It is recommendedthat it be through an ATM if you do not want to stand in line anymore.

However, there is a better option to use mobile banking. Mobile banking can only be activatedusing a mobile device. Pleaseclick and click on All done. In addition, Internet banking can also be used to pay tax on online motorcycles in West Java.

Unfortunately, the duration of payment codes usually has limitations. Especially on the payment code this time it lasts longer. It even comes down to hours so it still has time to do it conventionally. Complete the payment so you can enter the following procedure. Free to choose which method as long as it suits you.

Requirementsfor yourSTNK motorcycle certification

Afterpaying tax on motorcycles online in West Java, you can use obtaining proof of payment as proof of repayment. However, don’t go to the SMSAT office without bringing anything. Also bring the conditions for the approval of the engine STNK, so that it will be possibleto complete the PÖR O SES taximmediately. So what should you bring?

  1. Attaching an active ID card

Nowadays, all IDs are definitely active. As long as you use e-KTP, it is safe that everything is safe. So for those of you who don’t have it yet. Handle it quickly at the nearest subdistrict office as the process is quick too.


  1. Bring the original STNK

This is obvious asproof of paying online motorcycle tax in West Java. Bring a bite as evidence so everything can be taken care of. You are not allowed to bring an image copybecause it will later be withdrawn for processing. The old sting was eliminated so that it could not be used in criminal matters.


  1. Carrying the old TBKPB

It is also necessary to bring proof of repayment of the payment obligations of the previous year. This is to check whether the owner pays taxes in an orderly manner. Ifthis is wrong, of course, a fine will be charged. The fine depends on the length of time arrears in the payment of taxes.


  1. Power of attorney when delegating powers

Ifyou ask the representative to submit the terms of the approval. A power of attorney with an official stamp is required. The process of handling official documents. Everyone needs a power of attorneyifthey are represented.

Pretends to use theonline system. In the end, Atafi still has to go to Samsat, right? As for past payments, it’s just that the claim process still needs to go to Samsat to be clear.

Motor STNK Certification Procedure

If theprocessof paying online motorcycle tax in WestJava, Central Java, and throughoutIndonesia has been carried out. Youalso meet the support requirements. Just go straight to the nearest Samsat office. Just give everything to the administrative managers for extra care.

For the procedure, it is enough to enter a special counter with all the included data. Then the administrative officer will enter all the data. Checking the real datawill be done. If everything corresponds between the registration number and the police. The process was declared successful and it was only a matter of surrender.

You just have to wait by turn. Then the stinger is ready to take home. If you are concerned about replacing the plate, wait for the officer’s follow-up procedures. Usually say just wait a few minutes. The plate preparation process will then be carried out while the process is waiting. The plate is ready to take home and attached to the engine.

Another advantage that can be achieved is the fast process. In addition, R i Siko Pungli disappeared because all processeswere carried out on the Internet. Sistem is becoming more advanced and safer. So there is no reason not to use the process ofpaying motorcycle tax online in West Javaand throughout Indonesia.

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