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BMW Virtual Service Center Find the best service from home

BMW service center is a bayerische Motoren Werke  support service intended for BWM customers around the world with service coverage according to their respective regions. In Indonesia, this emergency service is spread over several regions, especially large cities.

Lately, it has been a bit difficult for customers to visit dealers and service places due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The need to limit outdoor activities and restrictions on interactions make many people prefer not to go outside.

Many companies understand this and offer services to help people do activities at home. BMW also strives to offer its customers the best service by offering virtual services. BMW service center is one of the services that you can use without having to go to the dealer or service place.

The services offered range from a virtual showroom where consumers can see the car 360 degrees, the nearest dealer, service, to services from BMW business consultants who offer help if you want to consult on credit purchases.

Find BMW car models from home

Having a premium private vehicle is indeeda matter of pride. Moreover, it is the class of the European car brand BMW. However, in the current pandemic era, it is very difficult to go to a dealership and buy a car. Due to restrictions on interaction and the need to stay at home.

However, the BMW service center will still provide the best service by using a virtual showroom where consumers can still browse different BMW car series, even if they do not come directly to the seller.  You can still see different types of targeted cars over the internet.

With a 360-degree tour, consumers can  see  the condition of the car live from different angles, top, side, rear, front and bottom. So it’s not just from the image. In addition, a thorough tour is also given for the indoor part, accompanied by testing all the functions in it.

Consumers can choose any type from Series X, M, i and several other series. Just click and you can see the whole car you want to buy. There is also  a product configuration so that you can find products according to the wishes and expectations of the consumer.

Do you want to try the BMW car of your choice? Just click on “Test Drive” and you will get a service to try the car.   The BMW service center will contact you  to arrange a meeting time and then the car will come with BMW employees and meet the wishes of the consumer to take a test drive.

Find the best BMW dealer from home

Home service is the mainstay service of many dealers and automakers during the pandemic. Offering a ball pick-up service is a way to overcome the problem of customers who can’t come to the dealership due to social distancing rules. In this way, customers still get the best service.

You can find the nearest BMW dealer by going to the official BMW website. There is a list of dealers closest to your city that you can contact. Various services are still provided by authorized BMW dealers, ranging from sales, service to the supply of vehicle parts. In addition, there are also advisory services.

Although the dealer’s services are virtual, consumers may still feel that the service comes directly to the dealer.  You can contact the BMW service center if you do not find the nearest dealer location. Customer service will guide you until you find the nearest dealer.

Not all dealers have the completeness of the car series you  are looking for or spare parts and service. When this happens, you don’t have to bother searching, as you can use BMW’s virtual services to find a dealer that meets these needs. Just contact  customer service fill in the information and problems.

Find the best service advisor from home

Driving comfort is the most important thing that every motorist should have on the road. The presence of damage or imperfections in the vehicle will lead to inconvenience. However, during the pandemic, it is difficult to carry out service activities directly to the workshop. Especially if you work from home.

If you want to carry out BMW car repairs, but you are hindered by crowds and you cannot go directly to the service area, you  can use  the BMW service center service center.   The existence of this service provides convenience in repairing or supplying spare parts so that your vehicle is always in the best condition.

The service advisors are professionals with experience in repairing various damages of BMW cars. The service advisor will come directly to your home to carry out a thorough inspection and repair. It is only necessary to perform the following 4 steps:

  1. Contact customer service via the available hotline or go to the website or application and then fill in the information and problems of your vehicle.
  2. Determine the schedule of the mechanic’s visit. The schedule is not determined by the dealer but can adapt to the free time you have. So it can be freely determined. Give the desired time and location to the mechanic.
  3. Monitoring and diagnosis. The mechanic will immediately check  for you and then make a diagnosis of the damage that has occurred. After that, the estimated repair time and costs are determined. All done transparently.
  4. The repair step is performed after you have agreed to the cost details provided by the mechanic. Then just wait until the repair process and the performance of the car are back to its maximum.

Service advisor via the BMW service center also gives a warranty so that if the damage occurs again within the warranty period, the service advisor will carry out repairs again.  You certainly don’t have to spend any more money as this is part of the BWM quality service.

Find a Business Consultant from home

BMW is known as one of the expensive car brands and can only be used in certain circles. Therefore, buying them requires careful planning. That’s why there’s a business consultant directly from BMW who can help plan the purchase of a car from home.

There are experienced consultants who  can help  you find a solution to get your dream car. This experienced consultant guides virtually from the beginning until the trade contract process is completed.  You can discuss the type of car you want and its financing.

Simply contact the BMW service center or choose a consultant yourself on the official website.  You can also schedule your own talk time to match the free time you have. If you want to make a credit purchase, the consultant will assist in providing credit planning with financing based on consumers’ wealth.

Buying a car is an investment. Therefore, the use of the help of a consultant’s services will be very necessary. Not only to adapt to your needs and abilities, but also to provide assistance in planning the future of the investment. For example, with regard to car insurance and other matters so that the purchase is not disadvantageous.

This car consultant service will be responsible for providing advice, formulating finances and finding solutions to problems that arise. Especially for those of you who don’t understand about cars and their investments, you will really need the services of this consultant.


Using virtual services is a solution for those of you who can’t get directly to the dealer or official service place. Starting with car purchase services, inspections, repairs to investment consultations are available in the virtual BMW service center,  so you don’t have to go outside to get it.

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