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The story Part One: The Beginning

A freeter in his forties named Takemichi Hanagaki heard one day that the Tokyo Manji Gang had killed Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto.

Both Hinata and Naoto were a part of the Tachibana clan.

When Takemichi is pushed in front of a train,
When Takemichi is pushed in front of a train, he travels back in time exactly twelve years to 2005.

In his flashback to middle school, Takemichi has a chance contact with Naoto, whom he informs about the impending deaths of both himself and Hinata.

After shaking hands, Takemichi is promptly returned to the present, creating a contradiction in which Naoto may continue living and working as a detective.

Naoto has concluded that every time he and Takemichi hold hands, Takemichi rewinds the clock 15 years.

Takemichi has decided to use the future knowledge he has learned to rescue Hinata.

Takemichi’s former allies in the Tokyo Manji Gang, commanded by Kiyomasa, were forced to engage in secret warfare.

Mikey, the group’s leader, respects Takemichi for his unflinching dedication to protecting them.

Takemichi finds out that one of his other friends,
Takemichi finds out that one of his other friends, Akkun, was about to be sent to jail until his most recent altercation with Mikey.

When Akkun kills himself out of fear,
Takemichi is shocked when his friend Akkun takes his own life out of fear of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi’s time travel reveals that the Moebius Gang and the Tokyo Manji Gang are at war with one another to avenge Pah-companion.

Takemichi finds out that Mikey would eventually act violently because Draken,
Takemichi learns that Mikey’s future aggressive behavior is due to the impending death of Draken, Mikey’s second-in-command.

Draken escapes the battle unscathed, but Pah-chin, after stabbing Osanai of the Moebius gang, turns himself in to the authorities.

As a consequence, the Tokyo Manji Gang is divided about how best to help Pah-chin.

Even though Takemichi was able to end the quarrel between Mikey and Draken, the Tokyo Manji Gang was assaulted on August 3, 2005, by a gang of Moebius members led by Valhalla member Shoji Hanma.

Takemichi learns that Draken was murdered by Kiyomasa because the latter had humiliated and driven away Kiyomasa from the Tokyo Manji Gang, and that Peh-yan had joined their scheme after Mikey and Draken had permitted Pah-chin to be imprisoned.

Peh-yan is the one who enlightens Takemichi to this fact.

Takemichi vanquishes Kiyomasa, and both he and Draken heal entirely from their wounds as the Tokyo Manji Gang emerge victorious from the conflict.

sagas called “Valhalla” and “Bloody Halloween”

As Takemichi returns to the present, in this timeline, Hinata and his companions continue to perish.

Takemichi didn’t find out about Tetta Kisaki’s role in the violent transformation of the Tokyo Manji Gang until after his time travel adventure.

Upon his return to the past, he learned that Kisaki had just joined the gang and, in Pah’s absence, assumed leadership of the section.

Kazutora Hanemiya, a former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and a current member of Valhalla, convinced Keisuke Baji, the first division captain, to join Valhalla.

Mikey had promised Takemichi that, if he is able to recover Baji, he would expel Kisaki from the group.

Tokio Manji Gang leader Takashi Mitsuya has welcomed Takemichi into his division.

Since Mikey’s older brother Shinichiro passed away two years before, Takemichi has learned that Mikey harbors anger against Kazutora.

It was also relayed to Takemichi by Chifuyu Matsuno that Baji had supposedly left the gang to investigate Kisaki’s actions.

As he investigates more, he finds out that Mikey was Kisaki’s original choice for Valhalla’s commander and that the Tokyo Manji Gang was destined to be absorbed into Valhalla after a battle on October 31, 2005, commonly known as “Bloody Halloween.”

Mikey retaliated for Baji’s death by murdering Kazutora, and thus their plan backfired.

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